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"To sum it all up, Laura is a gem, and I am excited to recommend her to anyone who will listen. Her upbeat attitude, vast knowledge, and endless enthusiasm make training with her a pleasure, even when I sneak a peek at the clock to see how far from the end of the hour the day’s class is. If you have the chance, sign up for some classes.

and become a believer as I am. Give her the chance and she will revolutionize your life as she did mine. Of that I am certain. "


"The last point that I would make is that Laura really gave a damn.  She regularly called after major training sessions to see how I was doing and she also contacted my physical therapist to coordinate her activities with his.  At our final session, Laura explained that she had taken the initiative to visit my new health club (I dropped out of Core upon learning of her departure) and that she had interviewed potential trainers for me.  She wanted to make sure that she left me in capable hands and that I would continue to work with someone with the right mix of training and intelligence.  Only someone very special would do that!"


"From our first meeting, Laura earned my confidence by designing an exercise and nutrition program based on my specific physical challenges. She set clear goals as my trainer, and we worked one-on-one in the gym to achieve each one. She always explained the rationale behind each exercise and knew when to push me to do more. I saw measurable improvement right away, and gradually regained balance and strength, and the ability to enjoy walking and bicycling. "

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