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Workshop held at Brown University

10 am -12 pm

Kasper Multipurpose Room

Saturday, April 14, 2018 

Laura  Gorriaran Goodwin, owner of Empower RI, believe that at the core of achieving your best self you need to be able to manage both the internal and external stressors that arise on a daily basis. How do you achieve peace in times of chaos? What tools do you have to support your total wellbeing? Do you feel like you are on a roller coaster, moving from the highs and lows with limited awareness? Are you stressed about things beyond your control? If so, you are not alone! 

Come to join us for this exciting workshop where you will learn breathing and relaxation techniques, fun and untraditional movement strategies, and tools to help focus the mind. We will facilitate connections with others through joy, movement, meditation, and yoga. Breathe, you’ve got this! See you on the mat.


*mats & blocks will be provided, and no experience is required!

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