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Gathering with a group of people for a retreat can be a transformational experience. Competition and judgemental comparison can be put aside, and a powerful space to cultivate wholeness, empowerment, and connectivity can be created in a safe and supportive setting. Retreats are often crafted around specific activities like yoga, wellness, dance, or meditation and often include an emphasis on supporting the strength and healing of the human experience coming together with love and respect for ourselves.

When we add the element of spiritual practice in the retreat, regardless of the specific spiritual lens, we have the opportunity to recognize the divine in everyone and everything. Retreats vary widely in their focus and content. That being said, when people gather together for a shared purpose, a deep sense of humanity is created. Participants often leave feeling inspired and deeply affirmed. Along with self-improvement, we can connect with other people and get to know one another on a deeper level. It’s common to leave the retreat with a handful of new great close friends!

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