"Happy New Year! " We all say it to each other, but what does that mean? Is it really Happy? Everyone starts out with good intentions to change, to overcome old useless habits that get in our way. Then it happens...life on life terms, and we revert to our old practices. Real lasting change comes slowly over time with mindfulness and consideration of self in a world where we are overly self-involved but not self-aware. Hmm?

Well, this year I will embrace a place of pure self-love, slowly, with intention and thought. Of course, the fear of failing is present, but one must try to fail.

Food and weight are complicated for me. I work out daily but eating right is hard, but I love good food. I am intimidated to cook in my home, my wife is a great chef, and I pale in comparison; we have three adult kids that can eat junk without gaining a pound. At 52-years-old, going through life's joke... menopause, which "SUCKS" big time. A spoiled brat after years of eating what I want when I want, that life is over. Now I must slow down and read fucking labels who wants to read labels. First, you must get your glasses out, then figure out carbs, proteins, sugars; it's a project.


Well, this year we going to step into this life together. I am not sure if anyone will even read this blog. But I will keep you updated on my journey. Today is January 8, 2018, and I am stepping out to embrace my life of joy and gratitude. Blessings and Happy New Year

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